SISTAR – Drop The Beat (Feat. B2K)

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Hyorin   Bora   Soyu   Dasom   B2K

Yeah, You know what it is
Sistar, Straight up Korean extraordinaires
Second single, Let’s go

Hey, DJ don’t stop (turn up da sound)
Now, let da beat drop (just make it pound)
You know we won’t stop (We want it now)
Everybody in here, Let’s get loud

I don’t know about you
Sistar’s gonna break it down
Take 1, take 2
Sistar’s in da house

Yeah, everybody knows my name B to the O to the R to the A
Look at ma jewels and diamond rings
(So bling, bling) Yeah, I know ya luv dat
Hotter than da sun, Brighter than da star

Naega Go hamyeon ga, Stop hamyeon seo
Urin mo animyeon do, chamgyeonmalgo naebidwo
When da beat drops neon algetji, Who’s number 1!


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