2PM Lyrics Index

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Hottest Time of the Day (1st Single):

01. 10 Out Of 10
02. Only You
03. Angel

2:00PM Time for Change (2nd Single):

01. What Time Is It Now?
02. Again & Again
03. I Hate You
04. Maybe She’ll Come Back

1:59PM (1st Album):

01. My Heart
02. Heartbeat
03. Tired Of Waiting
04. I Was Crazy About You
05. Gimme the Light
06. Back 2 U
07. All Night Long
08. Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
09. 10 Out of 10
10. Only You (Acoustic Mix)
11. Again & Again
12. I Hate You (Lounge Mix)
13. Maybe She’ll Come Back (Bossa Nova Mix)

My Color (Digital Single):

01. My Color

Don’t Stop Can’t Stop (3rd Single):

01. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
02. Without U
03. Maja
04. I Will Give You My Life
05. Without U (Explorer Mix)
06. Space Maja

Thank You (Digital Single):

01. Thank You

Still 02:00PM (1st Mini Album):

01. Still
02. I’ll Be Back
03. Even If You Leave Me
04. I Can’t
05. I Know
06. Dance2Night
07. I’ll Be Back (Club Mix)

Hands Up (2nd Album):

01. Hands Up
02. Electricity
03. Give It To Me
04. Like A Movie
05. Don’t You Know
06. Hot
07. Without U
08. I’ll Be Back
09. I Can’t
10. Hands Up (East4A Mix)
11. Electricity (220v Mix)
12. Thank You
13. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

Take Off (1st Japanese Single):

01. Take Off
02. Heartbeat (Japanese version)

I’m Your Man (2nd Japanese Single):

01. I’m Your Man
02. Without U (Japanese version)

Ultra Lover (3rd Japanese Single):

01. Ultra Lover
02. I’ll Be Back (Japanese Version)

Republic of 2PM (1st Japanese Album):

01. I’m Your Man
02. Ultra Lover
03. I’ll Be Back (Japanese Version)
04. Stay With Me
05. Without U (Japanese Version)
06. Crazy in Love
07. 100th Day Anniversary
08. Take Off
09. Hands Up (Japanese Version)
10. Fate
11. Heartbeat (Japanese Version)
12. Even When We’re Apart

Beautiful (4th Japanese Single):

01. Beautiful
02. Kimi ga Ireba

One Day

One Day (With 2AM) (5th Japanese Single):

01. One Day
02. No Goodbyes

Masquerade 1

Masquerade (6th Japanese Single):

01. Masquerade
02. Forever

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