Infinite Lyrics Index

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First Invasion (1st Mini Album):

01. Infinity
02. Come Back Again
03. She’s Back
04. Wings
05. Fixed Star
06. Entrust

Evolution (2nd Mini Album):

01. Evolution (Intro)
02. BTD (Before The Dawn)
03. Can U Smile
04. Hysterie
05. Voice of My Heart
06. I Don’t Know

Inspirit (1st Single Album):

01. Nothing’s Over
02. Shot
03. Can U Smile (Remake)

Over the Top (1st Album):

01. Over the Top (Intro)
02. Be Mine
03. A Third Part
04. Tic Toc
05. Julia
06. Because
07. Time
08. Amazing
09. Crying
10. Real Story

Paradise (1st Repackaged Album):

01. Paradise
02. Cover Girl
03. Be Mine (Remix version)

INFINITIZE (3rd Mini Album):

02. The Chaser
03. Feel So Bad
04. In The Summer
05. Only Tears
06. I Like You
07. With…

Before the Dawn (1st Japanese Single):

01. Before the Dawn (Japanese version)
02. Can U Smile (Remake)
03. Before the Dawn (Korean version)

Be Mine (2nd Japanese Single):

01. Over The Top
02. Be Mine (Japanese Version)
03. Julia (Japanese Version)

She's Back

She’s Back (3rd Japanese Single):

01. She’s Back (Japanese Version)
02. TO-RA-WA (Japanese Version)

1st Digital Single:

01. White Confession (Lately)

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    fireeupflames said:
    June 28, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Wow. I never knew they had some other songs! Thanks for this!

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