Block B Lyrics Index

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Do You Wanna B? (1st Single Album):

01. Wanna B
02. Freeze
03. Is It Just Me?

New Kids on the Block (1st Mini Album):

01. Halo
02. Tell Them
03. U Hoo Hoo
04. Wanna B
05. Freeze
06. Is It Just Me?

Welcome To The Block (2nd Mini Album):

01. LOL
02. NalinA (Go Crazy)
03. Did You or Did You Not
04. Synchronization 100%
05. Action

BLOCKBUSTER (1st Album):

01. 11:30
02. Interlude
04. Mental Breaker
05. No Joke
06. Movie’s Over
07. Where Are You
08. Romantically
09. Did You Or Did You Not
10. Halo


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