Secret Lyrics Index

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I Want You Back (1st Single):

01. 3 Years 6 Months
02. I Want You Back

Secret Time (1st Mini Album):

01. My Boy
02. Magic
03. Spot Light
04. Do As You Please

Madonna (2nd Mini Album):

01. Madonna
02. La La La
03. Do Better! (feat. Baek Chan of 8eight)
04. Hesitant
05. Empty Space

Shy Boy (1st Single Album):

01. Shy Boy
02. No. 1

Starlight, Moonlight (2nd Single Album):

01. Oh! Honey
02. Starlight, Moonlight
03. Melo-movie

Moving In Secret (1st Album):

01. Love Is MOVE
02. Sexy
03. Stop Laughing
04. Movie Star
05. Amazinger
06. Together
07. Hope
08. Bastard
09. Neverland

Poison (3rd Mini Album):

01. Telepathy
02. Poison
03. Falling In Love
04. Calling U
05. 1, 2, 3

Talk That

Talk That (2nd Single):

01. Talk That



Letter From Secret (4th Mini Album):

01. Yoohoo
02. Daddy Long Legs
03. Only U
04. B.O.Y. (Because Of You)

Madonna (1st Japanese Single):

01. Madonna (Japanese Version)
02. My Boy (New Arrange Version)

Shy Boy (1st Japanese Mini Album):

01. Shy Boy (Japanese Version)
02. CHRISTMAS MAGIC (Starlight, Moonlight) (Japanese Version)
03. Together (Japanese Version)
04. Stop Laughing (Japanese Version)
05. Movie Star (Japanese Version)
06. La La La (Japanese Version)

So Much For Goodbye (2nd Japanese Single):

01. So Much For Goodbye
02. Love Is Long
03. Color Of Love

TWINKLE TWINKLE (3rd Japanese Single):

02. First Kiss

Welcome to SECRET Time (1st Japanese Album):

01. Welcome to SECRET Time
02. Ai wa MOVE (Love Is MOVE) (Japanese Version)
03. Madonna (Japanese Album Version)
04. Shy Boy (Japanese Version)
05. Starlight, Moonlight (Japanese Version)
06. Manatsu no Mermaid
07. I Miss You
08. So Much For Goodbye
09. Stop Laughing (New Japanese Groove Version)
11. Drive to You
12. Walking
13. Secret Dream


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