NU’EST – NU, Establish, Style, Tempo

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JR   Aron   BaekHo   MinHyun   Ren


Now we spittin’ fire on the mic
Bout to show you something that you like
Look at NU’EST, quite the sight
Like Mohammad Ali in a fight
NU, Establish, Style, Tempo
NU’EST yakjaro
Now is the beginning of our show
So nod your head to the flow

Gwireul yeoreo nuneul ddeo
Saeroumeul changjohal time
Amuro makjima igeoshi
Urideurui show time
Museoumi eobtneunjadeul
Ijebuteo urideurui
Jigeumbuteo jikyeobwa uri
NU’EST manui saekdareum

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