Brown Eyed Girls Lyrics Index

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Your Story (1st Album):

01. Second
02. Come Closer To Me
03. Far Away (feat. MC Mong)
04. Rope
05. Everybody (feat. Big Tone)
06. It’s Fading Away
07. Today, You and I Will Fly To The Top (feat. Bobby Kim)
08. Why Do You Love
10. Monologue
11. The Day You Came
12. Watch Out
13. A Story I Couldn’t Ask About
14. I Can Finally Confess My Love
15. Timing
16. Hold The Line (feat. Cho PD)
17. Second (Rock Remix Version)
18. Second (Hip-Hop version)

Leave Ms. Kim (2nd Album):

01. There Is No Man (feat. Young Ji)
02. I’m Laughing
03. Leave Ms. Kim
04. Taggger
05. I Got Fooled By You
06. Why of All Things
07. Oasis (feat. Lee Jae Hoon)
08. Dazzingly Good Day
09. Triangle
10. Hypnosis
11. Mine
12. How Could I Love You

With L.O.V.E (1st Mini Album):

01. Love Action (Cho PD)
02. L.O.V.E
03. Ibyeol Pyeonji
04. Love Action (Miryo by Rap)

Ready To L.O.V.E (Digital Single):

01. Ready To L.O.V.E

My Style (2nd Mini Album):

01. You
02. How
03. Barely
04. I Won’t Love Again

Sound-G (3rd Album):

01. Glam Girl
02. Abracadabra
03. Addiction
04. Candy Man
05. Moody Night
06. Strange Days
07. Can’t Go
08. Even If You Have Another Woman
09. It’ll Do Well

Sound-G Sign (3rd Album Repackaged):

01. Sign
02. Drunk On Sleep
03. Abracadabra (Fraktal Voodoo Remix)
04. Sign (Junjaman Remix)

Sixth Sense (4th Album):

01. Swing It Shorty (Intro)
02. Sixth Sense
03. Hot Shot
04. La Boheme
05. The Ugly Truth
06. Lovemotion
07. Countdown (Interlude)
08. Vendetta

Cleansing Cream (Single):

01. Cleansing Cream

The Original (Single):

01. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
02. Come With Me


Black Box (5th Album):

01. After Club
02. I Want To Fly
03. Kill Bill
04. Boy
05. Satisfaction
06. Mystery Survivor
07. He’s Lying
08. Recipe
09. Good Fellas

Sound-G (1st Japanese Album):

01. Abracadabra (Japanese Version)

SIGN (1st Japanese Single):

01. SIGN (Japanese Version)
02. Love Is…

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