Nine Muses Lyrics Index

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Let’s Have A Party (1st Single):

01. Ladies
02. No Playboy
03. Give Me


Figaro (2nd Single):

01. Figaro


News (3rd Single):

01. News


Sweet Rendezvous (1st Mini Album):

01. Who R U
02. Ticket
03. News
04. Figaro


Dolls (4th Single):

01. What Is Love?
02. Dolls


Wild (2nd Mini Album):

01. Spotlight
02. Wild
03. Action
04. Paper Scraps
05. Living Person


Prima Donna (1st Album):

01. Prima Donna
02. Gun
03. Rumor
04. A Few Good Man
05. Last Scene
06. Just A Girl
07. Miss Agent
08. Time’s Up
09. OMG
10. Ping
11. Whatever

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