Crayon Pop Lyrics Index

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Crayon Pop (1st Mini Album):

01. Bing Bing
02. Sartuday Night
03. Bing Bing (Instrumental)
04. Saturday Night (Instrumental)
05. Saturday Night (Dubstep remix)


Dancing Queen (1st Single):

01. Dancing Queen
02. Bing Bing (Mastering Remix)


Bar Bar Bar (2nd Single):

01. Bar Bar Bar
02. Bar Bar Bar (Instrumental)


The Streets Go Disco (2nd Mini Album):

01. Bar Bar Bar (Global Version)
02. Bar Bar Bar (Original Version)
03. Dancing Queen 2.0
04. Dancing Queen (Original Version)
05. Saturday Night (Dubstep Version)
06. Saturday Night (Original Version)
07. Bing Bing (Poppin Version)
08. Bing Bing (Original Version)


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