Rainbow Lyrics Index

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Gossip Girl (1st Mini Album):

01. Not Your Girl
02. Gossip Girl
03. I Believe
04. Kiss
05. I Will Endure It


A (1st Digital Signle):

01. A


Mach (2nd Digital Single):

01. Mach

So_Nyeo_(Rainbow) (1)

So Girls (2nd Mini Album):

01. So Cool
02. To Me
03. I Said You’re The One
04. Mach
05. A


Sweet Dream (2nd Mini Album Repackaged):

01. Sweet Dream
02. Kiss (Acoustic Version)
03. To Me
04. To Me (Club Version)


Rainbow Syndrome Pt. 1 (1st Album):

01. Golden Touch
02. Close Your Eyes
03. Tell Me Tell Me
04. Cosmic Girl
05. A Story You Never Knew But I Know
06. In Love


Rainbow Syndrome Pt. 2 (1st Album):

01. Kiss Me
02. Sunshine
03. Don’t Touch
04. Let’s Dance
05. I’ll Wait For You
06. Eenie Meenie Minie Moe
07. Chewing Time

Japanese Lyrics




A (1st Japanese Single):

01. A
02. Gossip Girl



Mach (2nd Japanese Single):

01. Mach
02. Not Your Girl



Gonna Gonna Go (3rd Japanese Single):

01. Gonna Gonna Go
02. Hello



Candy Girls! (4th Japanese Single):

01. Candy Girls!



Over The Rainbow (1st Japanese Album):

01. A
02. Mach
03. Gonna Gonna Go
04. Kiss! Kiss! Disco!
05. Touch Me, Feel Me, Love Me
06. Alright
07. Not Your Girl
08. Energy
09. Hello
10. Gossip Girl

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