Red Velvet Lyrics Index

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Happiness (1st Single):

01. Happiness



Be Natural (2nd Single):

01. Be Natural


Ice Cream Cake (1st Mini Album):

01. Ice Cream Cake
02. Automatic
03. Somethin Kinda Crazy
04. Stupid Cupid
05. Take It Slow
06. Candy


The Red (1st Album):

01. Dumb Dumb
02. Huff n Puff
03. Campfire
04. Red Dress
05. Oh Boy
06. Lady’s Room
07. Time Slip
08. Don’t U Wait No More
09. Day 1
10. Cool World


Winter Garden (3rd Single):

01. Wish Tree


The Velvet (2nd Mini Album):

01. One Of These Nights
02. Cool Hot Sweet Love
03. Light Me Up
04. First Time
05. Rose Scent Breeze
06. One Of These Nights (De Capo Version)
07. One Of These Nights (Joe Millionaire Version)
08. One Of These Nights (Piano Version)


Russian Roulette (3rd Mini Album):

01. Russian Roulette
02. Lucky Girl
03. Bad Dracula
04. Sunny Afternoon
05. Fool
06. Some Love
07. My Dear


Rookie (4th Mini Album):

01. Rookie
02. Little Little
03. Happily Ever After
04. Talk To Me
05. Body Talk
06. Last Love

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