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Red Velvet – Rookie

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SISTAR Lyrics Index

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Push Push (1st Single):

01. Here We Come
02. Push Push
03. Oh Baby

Shady Girl (2nd Single):

01. Drop The Beat (Feat. B2K)
02. Shady Girl
03. No Weak Man

How Dare You (3rd Single):

01. Mighty Sistar
02. Over
03. How Dare You

SO COOL (1st Album):

01. Let’s Get The Party Started
03. Girls Do It
04. Follow Me
05. New World
06. No Weak Man
07. How Dare You
08. Over
09. Oh Baby
10. Shady Girl
11. Push Push
12. Ma Boy (Special Version)

Alone (1st Mini Album):

01. Come Closer
02. Alone
03. No Mercy
04. Lead Me
05. Girls On Top
06. I Choose To Love You

Summer Special Loving U (2nd Mini Album):

01. Loving U
02. Holiday
03. Push Push (DJ Rubato Remix)
04. Alone (Smells Remix)
05. Ma Boy (Smells Remix)
06. How Dare You (Demicat Remix)
07. SO COOL (DJ Rubato Remix)


Ma Boy (1st Digital Single):

01. Ma Boy