Like The Beginning

T-ara Lyrics Index

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Lies (1st Single):

01. Lies
02. Wanna Play?

TTL (Time To Love) (2nd Single):

01. TTL (Time To Love)

TTL Listen 2 (3rd Single):

01. TTL Listen 2

Absolute First Album (1st Album):

01. One & One
02. Like The Beginning
03. Bo Peep Bo Peep
04. Tic Tic Toc
05. Bye Bye
06. Apple Is A
07. Falling U
08. You You You
09. Lies (Dance Version)
10. TTL (Time To Love)
11. Lies (Slow Version)
12. TTL Listen 2
13. Good Person
14. Wanna Play? 

Breaking Heart (1st Repackaged Album):

01. I Go Crazy Because Of You
02. I’m Really Hurt

Temptastic (1st Mini Album):

01. Yayaya
02. Why Are You Being Like This?
03. Ma Boo
04. I Don’t Know
05. I’m Okay

John Travolta Wannabe (2nd Mini Album):

01. Roly-Poly
02. I Really Really Like You

Log-In (Digital Single):

01. Log-In

Black Eyes (3rd Mini Album):

01. Cry Cry
02. Goodbye, OK
03. O My God
04. I’m So Bad
05. Cry Cry (Ballad Version)
06. Cry Cry (Ballad Music Video Version)

Funky Town (3rd Mini Album Repackaged):

01. Lovey-Dovey
02. We Were In Love (With Davichi)

Round & Round (Digital Single):

01. Round & Round

DAY BY DAY (4th Mini Album):

03. Don’t Leave
04. HUE
05. Love Game

Mirage (4th Mini Album Repackaged):

01. Sexy Love
02. Day And Night (Love All)


Again (5th Mini Album):

01. NO. 9
02. I Know The Feeling
03. Hurt
04. Don’t Marry
05. No. 9 (Club Version)
06. Again 1977

Bo Peep Bo Peep (1st Japanese Single):

01. Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese Version)
02. LOVE ME! ~Anata no Sei de Kurisou~  (I Go Crazy Because Of You) (Japanese Version)

Yayaya (2nd Japanese Single):

01. Yayaya (Japanese Version)
02. Roly-Poly

Roly-Poly (3rd Japanese Single):

01. Roly-Poly (Japanese Version)
02. Kojinmaru~Uso~ (Lies) (Japanese Version)
03. Apple Is A (Japanese Version)

Lovey-Dovey (4th Japanese Version):

01. Lovey-Dovey (Japanese Version)

Jewelry Box (1st Japanese Album):

01. Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese Version)
02. Yayaya (Japanese Version)
03. Weironi (Why Are You Being Like This) (Japanese Version)
04. Keep Out
05. Apple Is A (Japanese Version)
06. T.T.L ~Time to Love~ (Japanese Version)
07. Roly-Poly (Japanese Version)
08. LOVE ME! ~Anata no Sei de Kurisou~  (I Go Crazy Because Of You) (Japanese Version)
09. Kojinmaru~Uso~ (Lies) (Japanese Version)
10. Breaking Heart ~Watashi ga Totemo Itakute (I’m Really Hurt) (Japanese Version)
11. Cry Cry (Japanese Version)
12. Lovey-Dovey (Japanese Version)
13. T-aratic Magic Music

SEXY LOVE (Japanese ver.)

SEXY LOVE (5th Japanese Single):

01. SEXY LOVE (Japanese Version)
02. DAY BY DAY (Japanese Version)

Bunny Style (6th Japanese Single):

01. Bunny Style
02. Sign (Limited edition A)
03. Soap Bubbles (Limited edition B)
04. Dangerous Love (Limited edition C)


Target (7th Japanese Single):

01. Target

T-ara Treasure Box C

Treasure Box (2nd Japanese Album):

01. Sexy Love
02. Day By Day
03. Bye Bye
04. Like The First Time
05. Bunny Style
06. Sign
07. Soap Bubbles
08. Dangerous Love
09. Target
10. Wanna Play
11. Deja-vu
12. Beautiful Sniper
13. You Are My Treasure ~ Happy Birthday to you ~