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Hyorin Lyrics Index

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samsung yepp

Samsung Yepp:

01. Magic Drag (duet with Jang Geun-suk)


Glory Jane OST:

01. Who You Are To Me



K.Will 2nd Mini Album:

01. My Heart Beating (with K.Will & Simon D)



Electroboyz Rebirth:

01. May Boy 2



I Choose To Love You:

01. I Choose To Love You



Dream High 2 OST:

01. Superstar (with Ailee and Jiyeon)



Master’s Sun OST:

01. You Make Me Go Crazy



Love & Hate (1st Album):

01. Lonely
02. One Way Love
03. Don’t Love Me
04. Stalker
05. Massage
06. Closer
07. Red Lipstick
08. Falling
09. O.M.G
10. Tonight


FIESTAR Lyrics Index

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Vista (1st Single):

01. Vista
02. Wicked
03. Sea Of Moonlight



We Don’t Stop (2nd single):

01. We Don’t Stop
02. Sweet Love



Curious (3rd Single):

01. Intro
02. I Don’t Know
03. Hey Lolly Lolly
04. I Don’t Know (R. Tee Remix)

Rainbow Lyrics Index

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Gossip Girl (1st Mini Album):

01. Not Your Girl
02. Gossip Girl
03. I Believe
04. Kiss
05. I Will Endure It


A (1st Digital Signle):

01. A


Mach (2nd Digital Single):

01. Mach

So_Nyeo_(Rainbow) (1)

So Girls (2nd Mini Album):

01. So Cool
02. To Me
03. I Said You’re The One
04. Mach
05. A


Sweet Dream (2nd Mini Album Repackaged):

01. Sweet Dream
02. Kiss (Acoustic Version)
03. To Me
04. To Me (Club Version)


Rainbow Syndrome Pt. 1 (1st Album):

01. Golden Touch
02. Close Your Eyes
03. Tell Me Tell Me
04. Cosmic Girl
05. A Story You Never Knew But I Know
06. In Love


Rainbow Syndrome Pt. 2 (1st Album):

01. Kiss Me
02. Sunshine
03. Don’t Touch
04. Let’s Dance
05. I’ll Wait For You
06. Eenie Meenie Minie Moe
07. Chewing Time

Japanese Lyrics




A (1st Japanese Single):

01. A
02. Gossip Girl



Mach (2nd Japanese Single):

01. Mach
02. Not Your Girl



Gonna Gonna Go (3rd Japanese Single):

01. Gonna Gonna Go
02. Hello



Candy Girls! (4th Japanese Single):

01. Candy Girls!



Over The Rainbow (1st Japanese Album):

01. A
02. Mach
03. Gonna Gonna Go
04. Kiss! Kiss! Disco!
05. Touch Me, Feel Me, Love Me
06. Alright
07. Not Your Girl
08. Energy
09. Hello
10. Gossip Girl

SISTAR – Give It To Me

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Hyorin   Bora   Soyu   Dasom



Oooh Yeah~
You see I don’t usually do this but
I really need you tonight
Give it to me give it to me
Give it to me give it to me

Seoreuni neomgi jeone gyeolhoneun halleunji
Sarangman juda dachin
Nae gaseum eotteokhae oh

Aekkujeun bissoriedo gaseumi apaseo
Ajikdo eorigo yeoryeo sunjinhago yeoryeo
Nunmureun manheunji

Give it to me
Oh baby Give it to me (Give it to me)
Give it to me
Oh baby Give it to me (Oh baby, give it to me)
Oh oh oh oh oh ~ oh
Oh oh oh oh oh ~ oh (Oh woah~)
Amuri wonhago aewonhaedo
Nunmullo chaewojin binjariman
Sarangeul dallan mariya
Geugeomyeon doendaneun mariya
Oh baby give it to me

Achimi ogi jeone geudaega olleunji
Babogachi neo hanal boneun na oh~

Unda haru jongil ulda dongi teunda
Jeo haega darinji bami najinjido molla
Oh baby give it to me
I’m sorry that’s all I need~
Oh baby give it to me~
Oh baby give it to me~

Give it to me
Oh baby Give it to me (Give it to me)
Give it to me
Oh baby Give it to me (Oh baby, give it to me)
Oh oh oh oh oh ~ oh
Oh oh oh oh oh ~ oh (Oh woah~)
Amuri wonhago aewonhaedo
Nunmullo chaewojin binjariman
Sarangeul dallan mariya
Geugeomyeon doendaneun mariya
Oh baby give it to me

Susip beon subaek beoneul sseudaga tto
Jjijeobeorin pyeonji
Sarangeun wae ireoke naegeman mugeopji
Unda haru jongil ulda dongi teunda
Jeo haega darinji bami
Najinjido molla na nan~

Hoo~ HooHoo HooHoo HooHoo
(Na haru jongil ulda dongi teunda)
HooHoo HooHoo HooHoo
(Give it to me Give it to me)
HooHoo HooHoo HooHoo
(Na haru jongil ulda dongi teunda Give it to me)

Give it to me
Oh baby Give it to me (Give it to me)
Give it to me
Oh baby Give it to me (Oh baby, give it to me)
Oh oh oh oh oh ~ oh
Oh oh oh oh oh ~ oh (Oh woah~)

Give it to me
Oh baby Give it to me~
Give it to me
Oh baby Give it to me~
Sarangeul dallan mariya
Geugeomyeon doendaneun mariya
Oh babe give it to me~

EXID Lyrics Index

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Holla (1st Single):

01. I Do
02. Whoz That Girl



Hippity Hop (1st Mini Album):

01. Better Together
02. I Feel Good
03. Phone’s Bell
04. Think About
05. Whoz That Girl Pt. 2
06. I Feel Good (R. Tee Remix)



Every Night (2nd Single):

01. Every Night

Secret Lyrics Index

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I Want You Back (1st Single):

01. 3 Years 6 Months
02. I Want You Back

Secret Time (1st Mini Album):

01. My Boy
02. Magic
03. Spot Light
04. Do As You Please

Madonna (2nd Mini Album):

01. Madonna
02. La La La
03. Do Better! (feat. Baek Chan of 8eight)
04. Hesitant
05. Empty Space

Shy Boy (1st Single Album):

01. Shy Boy
02. No. 1

Starlight, Moonlight (2nd Single Album):

01. Oh! Honey
02. Starlight, Moonlight
03. Melo-movie

Moving In Secret (1st Album):

01. Love Is MOVE
02. Sexy
03. Stop Laughing
04. Movie Star
05. Amazinger
06. Together
07. Hope
08. Bastard
09. Neverland

Poison (3rd Mini Album):

01. Telepathy
02. Poison
03. Falling In Love
04. Calling U
05. 1, 2, 3

Talk That

Talk That (2nd Single):

01. Talk That



Letter From Secret (4th Mini Album):

01. Yoohoo
02. Daddy Long Legs
03. Only U
04. B.O.Y. (Because Of You)

Madonna (1st Japanese Single):

01. Madonna (Japanese Version)
02. My Boy (New Arrange Version)

Shy Boy (1st Japanese Mini Album):

01. Shy Boy (Japanese Version)
02. CHRISTMAS MAGIC (Starlight, Moonlight) (Japanese Version)
03. Together (Japanese Version)
04. Stop Laughing (Japanese Version)
05. Movie Star (Japanese Version)
06. La La La (Japanese Version)

So Much For Goodbye (2nd Japanese Single):

01. So Much For Goodbye
02. Love Is Long
03. Color Of Love

TWINKLE TWINKLE (3rd Japanese Single):

02. First Kiss

Welcome to SECRET Time (1st Japanese Album):

01. Welcome to SECRET Time
02. Ai wa MOVE (Love Is MOVE) (Japanese Version)
03. Madonna (Japanese Album Version)
04. Shy Boy (Japanese Version)
05. Starlight, Moonlight (Japanese Version)
06. Manatsu no Mermaid
07. I Miss You
08. So Much For Goodbye
09. Stop Laughing (New Japanese Groove Version)
11. Drive to You
12. Walking
13. Secret Dream

SNSD Lyrics Index

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Into The New World (1st Single Album):

01. Into The New World
02. Beginning
03. Honey

Baby Baby (1st Album):

01. Girls’ Generation
02. Ooh La-La!
03. Baby Baby
04. Complete
05. Kissing You
06. Merry-Go-Round
07. Tears
08. Tinkerbell
09. 7989
10. Honey

Gee (1st Mini Album):

01. Gee
02. Way To Go
03. Dear Mom
04. Destiny
05. Let’s Talk About Love

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (2nd Mini Album):

01. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
02. Etude
03. Girlfriend
04. Boyfriend
05. My Child
06. One Year Later (feat. Onew)

Oh! (2nd Album):

01. Oh!
02. Show! Show! Show!
03. Sweet Talking Baby
04. Forever
05. Be Happy
06. Boys & Girls (feat. Key)
07. Talk To Me
08. ☆★☆
09. Stick With U
10. Day By Day
11. Gee
12. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Run Devil Run (2nd Album Repackaged):

01. Run Devil Run
02. Echo
03. ☆★☆ (Acoustic R&B Ver.)

Hoot (3rd Mini Album):

01. Hoot
02. Mistake
03. My Best Friend
04. Wake Up
05. Snowy Wish…

THE BOYS (3rd Album):

02. Telepathy
03. Say Yes
05. How Great Is Your Love
06. My J
08. Top Secret
09. Lazy Girl
10. Sunflower
12. Mr. Taxi (Korean version)
13. THE BOYS (English version)

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen (Digital Single):

01. Dancing Queen

I Got a Boy (4th Album):

01. I Got a Boy
02. Dancing Queen
03. Baby Maybe
04. Talk Talk
05. Promise
06. Express 999
07. Lost In Love
08. Look At Me
09. XYZ
10. Romantic St.

Genie (1st Japanese Single):

01. Genie (Japanese Version)
02. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (Korean Version)

Gee (2nd Japanese Single):

01. Gee (Japanese Version)
02. Gee (Korean Version)

Mr. Taxi / Run Devil Run (3rd Japanese Single):

01. Mr. Taxi
02. Run Devil Run (Japanese Version) 

Girls’ Generation (1st Japanese Album):

01. Mr. Taxi
02. Genie (Japanese Version)
03. you-aholic
04. Run Devil Run (Japanese Version)
05. Bad Girl
06. Beautiful Stranger
07. I’m In Love With The HERO
08. Let It Rain
09. Gee (Japanese Version)
10. The Great Escape
11. Hoot (Japanese Version)
12. Born To Be A Lady

Girls’ Generation ~The Boys~ (1st Japanese Album Repackaged):

01. THE BOYS (Japanese Version)
02. Time Machine

Paparazzi (4th Japanese Single):

01. Paparazzi

Oh!/All My Love Is For You (5th Japanese Single):

01. Oh! (Japanese Version)
02. All My Love Is For You

Girls' Generation II_ ~Girls & Peace~

FLOWER POWER (6th Japanese Single):

02. Beep Beep
03. Girls’ Generation II Smash-Up

Girls' Generation II_ ~Girls & Peace~ 1

Girls’ Generation II: ~Girls & Peace~ (2nd Japanese Album):

02. Animal
03. I’m a Diamond
04. Reflection
05. Stay Girls
06. T.O.P
07. BOOMERANG (Japanese Version)
08. Oh! (Japanese Version)
09. All My Love Is For You
10. Paparazzi
11. Girls & Peace
12. Not Alone


Love & Girls (7th Japanese Single):

01. Love & Girls
02. Lingua Franca


Galaxy Supernova (8th Japanese Single):

01. Galaxy Supernova
02. Do The Catwalk


My Oh My (Digital Single):

01. My Oh My

snsd love peace 2

Love & Peace (3rd Japanese Album):

01. Gossip Girls
02. Motorcycle
03. Flyers
04. Galaxy Supernova
05. Love & Girls
06. Beep Beep
07. My Oh My
08. Lips
09. Do The Catwalk
10. Karma Butterfly
11. Lingua Franca
12. Everyday Love

OST Songs (Soundtrack) & Promotional Songs:

Seoul Song (With Super Junior)
Chocolate Love
Visual Dreams (POP! POP!)
Ha Ha Ha
La La La
Love Melody (2007 Winter SM TOWN)
Bad Oppa
Mabinogi (It’s Fantastic!)
It’s Love
Finally Now

SHINee Lyrics Index

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Replay (1st Mini Album)

01. Replay
02. In My Room
03. Real
04. Love Should Go On
05. Replay (Boom Track)

The SHINee World (1st Album):

01. The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)
02. Love’s Way
03. Love Like Oxygen
04. Romantic
05. One For Me
06. Graze
07. Last Gift
08. Best Place
09. Y Si Fuera Ella
10. Four Seasons
11. In My Room (Unplugged mix)
12. Replay

Amigo (1st Album Repackaged):

01. Amigo
02. Forever Or Never
03. Love Should Go On (Plugged by DJ Oneshot)

Romeo (2nd Mini Album):

01. Talk To You
02. Juliette
03. Hit Me
04. Señorita
05. Please, Don’t Go
06. Romeo+Juliette

2009, The Year Of  Us (3rd Mini Album):

01. Y.O.U (Year Of Us)
o2. Ring Ding Dong
03. JoJo
04. Get Down
05. SHINee Girl
06. The Name That I Loved

Lucifer (2nd Album):

01. UP & DOWN
02. Lucifer
03. Electric Heart
04. A-Yo
05. Obsession
06. Quasimodo
07. Shout Out
09. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready Or Not
12. Love Pain
13. Love Still Goes On

Hello (2nd Album Repackaged):

01. Hello
02. One
03. Get It

Sherlock (4th Mini Album):

01. Sherlock (Clue+Note)
02. Clue
03. Note
04. Alarm Clock
05. The Reason
06. Stranger
07. Honesty

Dream Girl – Chapter 1. The Misconceptions of You (3rd Album):

01. Spoiler
02. Dream Girl
03. Hitchhiking
04. Punch Drunk Love
05. Girls, Girls, Girls
06. Aside
07. Beautiful
08. Dynamite
09. Runaway


Why So Serious? Chapter 2 – The Misconceptions of Me (3rd Album):

01. Nightmare
02. Why So Serious?
03. Shine
04. Music Box
05. Dangerous
06. Like A Fire
07. Excuse Me Miss
08. Evil
09. Can’t Leave


Everybody (5th Mini Album):

01. Everybody
02. Symptoms
03. Queen Of New York
04. One Minute Back
05. Destination
06. Close The Door
07. Colorful

Japanese Releases

Replay – Kimi wa Boku no Everything (1st Japanese Single):

01. Replay – Kimi wa Boku no Everything
02. Hello (Japanese version)
03. Replay
04. Hello

JULIETTE (2nd Japanese Single):

01. JULIETTE (Japanese version)
02. Kiss Kiss Kiss
03. JULIETTE (Korean version)

LUCIFER (3rd Japanese Single):

01. LUCIFER (Japanese version)
02. Love Like Oxygen (Japanese version)
03. Lucifer
04. Love Like Oxygen

THE FIRST (1st Japanese Album):

02. Amigo (Japanese version)
05. To Your Heart
06. Always Love
07. Replay -Kimi wa Boku no Everything-
08. Start
09. Love Like Oxygen
10. Hello
11. The SHINee World (Japanese version)
12. Seesaw
13. Stranger

Sherlock (4th Japanese Single):

01. Sherlock (Japanese Version)
02. Keeping Love Again

Dazzling Girl

Dazzling Girl (5th Japanese Single):

01. Dazzling Girl
02. Run With Me

1000 Years, Zutto Soba ni Ite…

1000 Years, Zutto Soba ni Ite… (6th Japanese Single):

01. 1000 Years, Zutto Soba ni Ite…
02. Kimi ga Iru Sekai

Fire (7th Japanese Single):

01. Fire


Boys Meet U (2nd Japanese Album):

01. Password
02. Breaking News
03. Dazzling Girl
04. 1000 Years, Zutto Soba ni Ite…
05. Run With Me
06. Kiss Yo
07. Kimi ga Iru Sekai
08. Keeping Love Again
09. Burning Up
10. Sherlock
11. Fire
12. I’m With You


Boys Meet U (8th Japanese Single):

01. Boys Meet U
02. Sunny Day Hero
03. Dream Girl

Live Albums

SHINee World (The 1st Asia Tour Concert Album):

Disc 01:

01. Into the SHINee World
02. The SHINee World (Doo-boop) (Rearranged)
03. Señorita
04. Get Down
05. Amigo (Rearranged)
06. Juliette (Rearranged)
07. Hello
08. Your Name
09. Stand By Me
10. Love Still Goes On
11. Girls (Jonghyun solo)
12. OMG (Minho solo)
13. Romeo+Juliette (Taemin solo)
14. My First Kiss (Key solo)
15. A-Yo
17. Obsession
18. Graze

Disc 02:

01. Replay
02. Love Like Oxygen
03. Quasimodo
04. Life
05. Nessun Dorma (Onew solo)
06. 섬집아기/Be the Voice
07. Ring Ding Dong (Rearranged)
09. Ready Or Not
10. Lucifer (Rearranged)
11. Jojo
12. Bodyguard
13. One
14. The SHINee World (Doo-bop) (Rearranged Studio Version)
15. Amigo (Rearranged Studio Version)
16. Lucifer (Rearranged Studio Version)

OST Songs (Soundtrack):

Stand By Me (Boys Over Flowers OST)
Bodyguard (Boys Over Flowers OST)
Fly High (Prosecuter Princess OST)
Countdown (Dream OST)
Scar (SM Town)
Haru (Haru OST)
So Goodbye  (City Hunter OST)