TVXQ Japanese Lyrics Index

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Stay With Me Tonight (1st Single):

01. Stay With Me Tonight
02. Try My Love

Somebody To Love (2nd Single):

01. Somebody To Love
02. Kotoba wa Iranai
03. Somebody To Love (Acapella)

My Destiny (3rd Single):

01. My Destiny
02. Eternal
03. My Destiny (Acapella Version)

Asu wa Kuru Kara (4th Single):

01. Asu wa Kuru Kara
02. The Way U Are

Heart, Mind and Soul (1st Album):

01. Introlude
02. Kotoba wa Iranai
03. Asu wa Kuru Kara
04. Somebody To Love
05. My Destiny
06. Hug
07. Break Up The Shell
08. Stay With Me Tonight
09. Aisenai Aishitai
10. One
11. Rising Sun
12. Eternal
13. Heart, Mind and Soul
14. Stay With Me Tonight (Acapella Version)
15. Somebody To Love (Acapella Version)
16. My Destiny (Acapella Version)
17. Asu wa Kuru Kara (Acapella Version)

Rising Sun/Heart, Mind and Soul (5th Single):

01. Rising Sun
02. Heart, Mind and Soul
03. Heart, Mind and Soul (Acapella Version)

Begin (6th Single):

01. Begin
02. High Time

Sky (7th Single):

01. Sky
02. No Pain No Gain

Miss You/”O” (8th Single):

01. Miss You
02. “O”
03. Sky (Uta’S Mix)

Step By Step (9th Single):

01. Step By Step
02. Proud
03. Proud (Acapella Version)

Choosey Lover (10th Single):

01. Choosey Lover

Five in the Black (2nd Album):

01. Zion
02. Sky
03. Begin
04. Choosey Lover
05. Dead End
06. High Time
07. Proud
08. Yakusoku
09. Miss You
10. “O”
11. I’ll Be There
12. Step By Step
13. Hello Again
14. Begin (Acapella Version)
15. Miss You (Ballad Version)
16. A Whole New World

Lovin’ You (11th Single):

01. Lovin’ You
02. Go Senshi
03. Yakusoku Extra (NSB Mix)

Summer Dream/Song for You/Love In The Ice (12th Single):

01. Summer Dream
02. Song for You
03. Love In The Ice
04. Hug (Acapella Version)

Shine/Ride On (13th Single):

01. Shine
02. Ride On
03. Lovin’ You: Haru’s ‘Deep Water’ Mix

Forever Love (14th Single):

01. Forever Love
02. Day Moon
03. Forever Love (Acapella Version)

Together (15th Single):

01. Together
02. Together: Kid’s Chorus Version
03. Forever Love: Bell’n’Snow Edit

Purple Line (16th Single):

01. Purple Line
02. Dead End: Sty Gin n’ Tonic Mix
03. Zion: Zero G Remix
04. Purple Line (Korean Version)

T (3rd Album):

01. Trick
02. No?
03. Purple Line
04. Forever Love
05. Summer Dream
06. Ride On
07. Darkness Eyes
08. Lovin’ You
09. Rainbow
10. Shine
11. Somebody To Love
12. Last Angel
13. Clap!
14. Love In The Ice
15. Forever Love (Acapella Version)
16. Lovin’ You: Haru’s ‘Deep Water’ Mix
17. Together

Two Hearts/Wild Soul (17th Single):

01. Two Hearts
02. Wild Soul

Runaway/My Girlfriend:

01. Runaway
02. My Girlfriend

If…!?/Rainy Night (19th Single):

01. If…!?
02. Rainy Night

Close To You/Crazy Life (20th Single):

01. Close To You
02. Crazy Life

Keyword/Maze (21st Single):

01. Keyword
02. Maze

Beautiful You/Sennen Koi Uta (22nd Single):

01. Beautiful You
02. Sennen Koi Uta

Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou? (23rd Single):

01. Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?
02. Box In The Ship

Jumon (Mirotic) (24th Single):

01. Mirotic
02. Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?: The Level Remix

Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide (25th Single):

01. Bolero
02. Kiss The Baby Sky
03. Wasurenaide

Survivor (26th Single):

01. Survivor
02. Take Your Hands

The Secret Code (4th Album):

01. Secret Game
02. Force
03. Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?
04. Nobody Knows
05. Beautiful You
06. Wasurenaide
07. 9095
08. Mirotic
09. Taxi
10. Stand Up!
11. Survivor
12. Kiss The Baby Sky
13. Bolero
14. 9096

Share The World/We Are (27th Single):

01. Share The World
02. We Are

Stand By U (28th Single):

01. Stand By U
02. Tea for Two

Break Out (29th Single):

01. Break Out

Best Selection (Best Album):

01. Amaku Hateshinaku
02. With All My Heart

Toki wo Tomete (30th Single):

01. Toki wo Tomete
02. Checkmate

Why? (Keep Your Head Down) (31st Single):

01. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
02. Maximum

Superstar (32nd Single):

01. Superstar
02. I Don’t Know

Tone (5th Album):

01. Introduction
02. B.U.T (BEA-U-TY)
03. I Think U Know
04. Duet
05. Thank You My Girl
06. Telephone
07. Back to Tomorrow
08. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
09. Maximum
10. I Don’t Know
11. Superstar
12. Flowers With the Color of Happiness
13. Easy Mind
14. Weep
15. Somebody to Love -2011 Version-

Winter Rose (33rd Single):

01. Winter Rose
02. Duet -Winter ver.-

STILL (34th Single):

02. One More Thing
03. One More Thing -Sakura Version-

ANDROID (35th Single):



Catch Me (36th Single):

01. Catch Me
02. I Know

TVXQ Korean Lyrics Index

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Hug (1st Single):

01. Hug
02. My Little Princess
03. Oh Holy Night (feat. BoA)
04. My Little Princess (Acapella version)

The Way U Are (2nd Single):

01. The Way U Are
02. Whatever They Say
03. Mountain Spring Story 1
04. Mountain Spring
05. Mountain Spring Story 2

Tri-Angle (1st Album):

01. Believe
02. Thanks To
03. Tri-Angle (TVXQ, BoA and The Trax)
04. Will You Be My Girlfriend?
05. Whatever They Say (Acapella)
06. Million Men
07. Like Now
08. I Never Let Go
09. Hey, Kid
10. You Always
11. Hug
12. My Little Princess
13. The Way U Are
14. Tri-Angle (TVXQ Version)

Christmas Gift From Dong Bang Shin Ki (1st Mini Album):

01. Jesus, Joy Of Man’s Desiring (Acapella Version)
02. The First Noel
03. Magic Castle
04. Pray for GOD
05. Angels We Have Heard On High
06. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
07. Silent Night Holy Night

Hi Ya Ya (3rd Single):

01. Hi Ya Ya
02. Whisper Of..
03. I Wish ..
04. Like Now

Rising Sun (2nd Album):

01. Tonight
02. Beautiful Life
03. Rising Sun
04. Unforgettable
05. Love Is Never Gone
06. Love After Love
07. Dangerous Mind
08. One
09. Love Is ..
10. Free Your Mind (feat. Trax)
11. Love Is All I Need
12. Always There ..

Show Me Your Love (4th Single):

01. Show Me Your Love (TVXQ & Super Junior05)
02. I Wanna Hold You
03. I’m Your Man (Super Junior05)

Fighting Spirit Of Dong Bang (5th Single):

01. Fighting Spirit Of Dong Bang

“O” Jung.Ban.Hap (3rd Album):

01. “O” Jung.Ban.Hap
02. You’re My Miracle
03. Hey! Girl
04. Get Me Some
05. I’ll Be There
06. Remember
07. The Story Has Just Begun
08. ON&ON
09. Phantom
10. You Only Love
11. Balloons

Mirotic (4th Album):

01. Mirotic
02. Wrong Number
03. Picture Of You
04. Crazy Love
05. Hey! Don’t Let Me Down
06. You’re My Melody
07. Rainbow
08. Paradise
09. Are You A Good Girl?
10. Flower Lady
11. Forgotten Season
12. Love In The Ice

Keep Your Head Down (5th Album):

01. Keep Your Head Down
02. How Can I
04. Crazy (Feat. Jay from Trax)
05. Honey Funny Bunny
06. Rumor
07. Confession
08. Our Game
09. She
10. Athena

Keep Your Head Down (5th Album Repackaged):

01. Before U Go (Monolouge)
02. Before U Go
03. Journey (feat. SeoHyun from SNSD)

Catch Me (6th Album):

01. Catch Me
02. Viva
03. Destiny
04. Like A Soap
05. I Don’t Know
06. Dream
07. How Are You
08. Getaway
09. I Swear
10. Gorgeous
11. Good Night


Humanoids (6th Album Repackaged):

01. Humanoids
02. Here I Stand

TVXQ – Superstar

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Yunho   Changmin


I wanna be your superstar
Oh my girl Listen
Superstar superstar superstar star
Superstar superstar superstar star

Mitsumeru hitomi shakunetsu no flash
Natsu no taiyo denkousekka no supido
Kimi wo esukoto ah ah summer time love
Deatta futari hajimatte yuku story-ry-ry ok

We got shout like a eeey-oh! Kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
You are my girl girl moete get down down
Agete boom boom sawaide ai ni isoide
Me mo kuramu hodo ni mabushi
Superstar superstar chan -superstar star

Atsu sugiru everyday ni stop the ondan ka (ah~)
Oh sore ja isso nuide shimaeba ii
Ari no mama ni jiyu ni natte tawamuretai
Reddo kaapeto no ue ue ue wow~

We got shout like a eeey-oh! Kiss and dancing eeey-oh! (oh~)
You are my girl girl moete get down down (down)
Aegete boom boom sawaide ai ni isoide (oh~)
Me mu kuramu hodo ni mabushii (oh~)
Superstar superstar superstar star (yeah yeah~)

Natsu wa mystery mystery itsu demo (superstar)
Kimi wo everything (everything) everything dakishime
Amaku mystery mystery tokesou (crazy in love)
Dakara everything everything motomete (owow~)
Come on kiss me my baby hirogaru magic ginga wo kakenukero

(Oh bye now~ oh~)
We got shout like a eeey-oh! (oh baby) Kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
You are my girl girl moete get down down
Aegete boom boom sawaide ai ni isoide (isoide~)
Me mu kuramu hodo ni mabushi (oooh~) superstar superstar

We got shout like a eeey-oh! Kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
You are my girl girl moete get down down
Aegete boom boom sawaide ai ni isoide  (ooh~)
Me mu kuramu hodo ni mabushi (ooh~)

Superstar superstar superstar star (woow~)
Superstar superstar superstar star

Wanna be your superstar superstar
Oh baby you’re my superstar
Oh baby you are my supersta